Wednesday, 20 July 2016


The Tithe is 10 percent of your increase, whether it is income, salary, profit, gifts, whatever it is, as far as it increases you; the tithe belongs to God. God gave you 90 percent and the additional 10 percent belongs to God. Many people are robbing God, no wonder the struggle continues. You cannot be wiser than God. How can God intervene for you when you are robbing Him in tithes. Many of the problems we go through are not satan inflicted, they are disobedience-inflicted. You broke the law, so the devil has a legal ground to attack. Malachi 3:10. The tithe is the LORD'S. He gave you that money thinking you will give Him 10 percent. He has an accurate amount of how much you are owing Him. You are not to give your tithe to help the poor, you are to bring it to God, through a church or a ministry. What you give to people or the needy is different from the tithe.
Paying your tithe secures the remaining 90 percent from wastes that leads to regrets. God also opens more doors of opportunities and ideas to get wealth when you tithe. If you owe God and you can pay up, pay up now. But if you cannot pay up, if it is too big or you can't remember the figure, repent and decide to begin to tithe from now and give a restoration seed to mark a new beginning in your financial life. Whatever God gives you, don't call the 100 percent as your own, 90 percent is your's, 10 percent is God's. So if your income is 10,000; 9000 is your's 1000 is God's. The tithe is God's part that makes the remaining meaningful. God has nothing to lose when you rob Him, you are the one that have everything to lose. Receive grace to be a consistent, tireless, regular, faithful, joyful, cheerful tither in Jesus name. The more you tithe the more you handle money so you can tithe more. Just decide to change and grace will come. Be blessed in Jesus name.

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